Creating premium value for business

under the leadership of Rudy Cornelis

20 years of experience in advanced database architectures, information systems with increased focus on premium user experience.


We give wings to your current business data and IT-tools by creating performant cloud solutions.

fully customized

simple and efficient interfaces

with premium user experience

within a budget your company size can afford

boosting your productivity

creating the value your business deserves


Modules and solutions

automated international billing with accounting interface

online payment modules

financial reporting

online document uploading, archiving and retrieving

multimedia and rich content integration and interaction

staff and suppliers follow up

automated email organiser

tasks and workflow


rental property management

membership and interactive events organiser

full medical practice management

medical imaging storage & consulting

and much more

Internal projects powered by NOBIMON cloud solutions


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Social company vision


Coming back from 4 years living and working in South-Africa, we strongly believe that social support should be part of any business vision.

That is why we integrate social considerations in our business choices. Each year NOBIMON deploys some social initiatives.